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  • The new gold standard in universal interface design has arrived. Our UNI-SWC.5 is compatible with over 900 different vehicle applications and retains a host of vital OEM features when upgrading the head unit to an aftermarket model, including steering wheel controls, phone buttons, settings menus and more. The vehicle's button configuration can also be completely remapped, allowing drivers to tailor desired functions on a long or short press in all vehicles on any platform. For vehicles with older analogue systems, the interface features a programming function to ensure compatibility across the board.
  • Features & Benefits
  • Retain crucial OEM features when installing an aftermarket head unit, including steering wheel controls, phone buttons and more
  • Stock one product and be ready for any installation
  • Compatible with all major vehicle platforms including Analogue, CAN-Bus, GM Class II, iBus and Matrix
  • Customise your steering wheel button layout with a dedicated web app
  • Maintain your vehicle data outputs including accessory, illumination, speed pulse, park brake and reverse gear
  • Requires patch lead (available separately) to provide compatibility with the aftermarket head unit